What we're doing today!

By the generosity of our parishioners ...

we support the following charities and concerns through our fundraising, social events and volunteer efforts:

Lunch Bunch

At Saint John’s we have a lunch club which runs every Tuesday to provide food, welfare and fellowship for those in need. This is very dependent upon the support of the local community and if you would like to help in any way, please join us.


We raise a lot of money for the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development, the major charity for foreign aid of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.  See the links page for more details.

Fair Trade

We are a certified Fair Trade parish and actively promote buying goods and food for which the workers have been paid a decent wage and are given good working conditions.  At Saint John’s we have a permanent shop in the porch and once a month a selection of goods for sale at Saint Thomas’.  Many members of our parish support the Fair Trade shop in Bury St. Edmunds.


The Association for the Propagation of the Faith supports missionaries across the globe.  We raise money simply through collecting spare change in their ‘red box’ scheme.  If you would like to become a collector, please see the links page.

Other charities and concerns

Thank you!

Br John McCallister SM writes: Please thank the parish for the kind donation to the Marist Mission Appeals, nearly half of which was Gift Aided, Happy Advent and Christmas! 

We also raise money and offer our prayers for the following charities and concerns:

Apostleship of the Sea, 

Catholic Association for Racial Justice, 

Catholic Education Service, 

Catholic Communications Service,

Catholic Trust for England and Wales, 

Day for Life, 

Diocesan Youth Service, 

Holy Land Shrines, 

Pax Christi, 

Peter’s Pence, 

Priest’s Training, 

Sick and Retired Priest’s fund,

Smile Train

St. Edmund’s Fund, and

for the Diocese of East Anglia and Catholic Schools within our Diocese.