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Deadline for parish notices

Wednesday, 12:00 p.m.
Simply phone the office (01842 812200) or email:

A Bigger Newsletter!

We are taking advantage of the Newsletter being in digital format to add an extra page or two, when necessary.


Please download the weekly newsletter for the latest information on Parish events.

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GDPR Guidelines and Prayers for the Sick

As you will be aware, last year new guidelines came into place with regard to how we handle and process your personal data. Sadly, this now effects the prayers for the sick that appear in the newsletter. If you would like your name to appear in the newsletter for prayers, we now need written permission from you. Please fill out a form and return to Tom Caple (the newsletter editor) or Fr Luke. The list for prayers for the dead is not affected by these guidelines. Forms will be available at the back of each Church. 

Prayers for the Dead

We have a new way of recording prayers for the dead. 

Each week we will record the names of those who have died in the current month (e.g. February) since 2010.  This is necessary because space for publishing prayers is limited. 

Order of Service

Full Text of the Order of the Sunday Mass in two four page leaflets.

(See also the links to several web sites with further information about the new Roman Missal on our Links page.)

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