Holy Mass and Other Services


Sunday Mass Times

Every Sunday we celebrate the Eucharist, Our Lord Jesus Christ’s own sacrifice on Calvary for the salvation of the World and the forgiveness of sins:

In Mildenhall at Saint John’s at 9.00am.  This is a sung Mass. 

In Brandon at Saint Thomas’ at 11.00am.  This is also a sung Mass.

A Mass in Polish is celebrated In the parish each week, Sunday 9:00 am at Brandon

Masses during this week

Tues., 18th Feb.   NO MASS

Wed., 19th Feb.   B: 9.30 AM MASS

Thurs., 20th Feb.    M:  9.30 AM MASS

Fri., 21st Feb.   NO MASS

Note:   Tuesday and Friday Masses with Adoration will resume next week.

Masses during the week:

Mass (The Eucharist) is at the heart of what we do as Catholics. If you are free in the week why not come to weekday Mass? A weekday Mass usually does not have any music and can be quieter and more reflective than our Sunday celebration. Mass takes about 20-30 mins and it is a wonderful way nourish your faith in Jesus Christ. As Masses are normally at 9:30 am they make a great start to the day! 

Usually we celebrate Mass during the week 

on Wednesday at Saint Thomas’, Brandon, at 9.30am, and

on Thursday at Saint John’s, Mildenhall, at 9.30am.

There is no Mass scheduled for the other weekdays due to other parish commitments; however, Fr Luke often adds (or changes) weekday masses depending on his availability.  Such additions or changes are posted on this page as they are known.

You are very welcome to come to any of these celebrations and we encourage you, even if not a Roman Catholic, to attend and join us in prayer.

Fr Luke's Homilies -- Podcast

Listen to Homilies again as a podcast! Homilies will be loaded up shortly after the Sunday they are preached: visit:  https://anchor.fm/fr-luke-goymour/ or search on Spotify, Google and other platforms. 


Liturgy Matters

A reminder that from the beginning of last Advent, in compliance with the General Instruction of the Roman Missal Fr Luke will purify all vessels during or after the Mass, not the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion as was previously the case. 

Your House Blessing

If you would like Fr Luke to visit you in your home and invoke God’s blessing upon your home and family, please speak to him after Mass or call the presbytery. 

It’s also an excellent way for priest and parish to get to know each other! 

Thanksgiving after Holy Communion

The Church has long recommended the faithful to make a proper thanksgiving after Holy communion. Although this may take place in the celebration itself: with a period of silence, with a hymn, psalm or other song of praise, it is also recommended that after the celebration, if possible, the faithful stay to pray for a suitable time. The reason is that Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, is present under the form of the Eucharistic Species (appearance of bread and wine) and for as long as the Eucharistic Species last, He is there Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in all the tabernacles of the world and especially in the living tabernacle of those who have received him in Holy Communion. Please consider either staying in the Church (Brandon) or using the Blessed Sacrament Chapel (at Mildenhall) for a few moments after Mass to sit with Jesus and thank Him for being with you. If you see people sitting and praying, please respect the silence and don’t try and talk to them until they get up from their prayers. 

Clarification over bowing/genuflecting

A reminder that during the celebration of the Eucharist the appropriate act of reverence for any minister approaching the altar (reader/cantor/etc) is to bow to the altar and not, as has previously been the practice here, the celebrant. Genuflection is reserved almost exclusively for the Blessed Sacrament (not the altar) on entering and leaving the main body of the Church and on reception of Holy Communion should you so wish. 

Sacrament of Reconciliation


Confession are now held at regular slots on Sunday before Mass at Mildenhall and after Mass at Brandon. If this is inconvenient for you please contact me to arrange an appointment – I will come to your house if that is easier for you or you can come to me! 

Mildenhall: From 8:30 – 8:55 

- Confessions are held in the confessional in the right- hand corner of our church.

Brandon: 12:10 

- After Mass I will great people as they leave at the door of the church, if you require confession sit and que in the front rows by the sacristy and confessional (at the front of our Church on the left-hand side.) I will return to the sacristy at 12:10 to begin hearing confessions.   If no one is queuing and you would like confession, please come and find me and ask! 

Sacraments of Initiation


Through Baptism we enter the mystery of God’s life. Please contact us about having your child baptised.


For first Communion and Reconciliation we normally have a parish preparation course to lead your child deeper into the life of the Church.  Please ask for details.  This normally takes place in school year 3 or above.


Confirmation, the completion of our initiation, lets us, through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, witness to Christ in our lives. Normally in school year 10 or above we have a course of preparation. Again, just ask for details.

If you are an adult and are seeking to be initiated in to the life of Christ, then we will arrange a preparation course to help and instruct you.

Also, if you are an adult and missed your first communion or Confirmation, then please speak to us and we shall help you in this matter.

Sometimes people of other denominations desire to become Christians within the Roman Catholic Church.  We can help guide you and lead you on this path to your reception within the Church.

Growing A Faith


 Baptism opens the door to the Faith and to the Church’s community perhaps the most important event in a Christian’s life. The next ‘key stage’ in developing one’s faith is, of course, First Communion. 

But what happens between these two sacraments? 

In these early years, a baby, growing into infancy, will be learning rules, routines and how to do things for themselves. Part of this complex programme should be learning about and learning to be a follower of Christ. 

So regular attendance at mass and regular explanation of what is happening become a central part of the child’s life. 

It is of equal importance that the child’s learning occurs at home as well. Here are some ways this can be done: 

  • Use baptism photos/videos, candle (and gown if used) to talk through what happened on the day and who was there; 
  • Create a card with the scripture used at the baptism on it and date. Display the card each anniversary; 
  • Explain what their Baptism name means, why it was chosen and the names of the child’s parents and what they mean; 
  • Keep the child in touch with their god-parents regularly. If possible invite the god-parents to join you at mass on the baptism’s anniversary; 
  • As the child learns to read, use simple books on Christian faith as primers; 
  • Learning to pray can also be accompanied by using colouring books. That are readily available in shops and online. 

Baptismal Grace 

Many of us were little babies when we were baptised, and perhaps the significance of this sacrament has not been fully explored. We know, of course that baptism has cleansed us of original sin and that we are now new people - a ‘priesthood’ - in Christ. However it takes time - even a lifetime -to appreciate that baptismal grace has made us temples of God. The Trinity now dwells in us in a real and glorious way that is impossible to express fully in words or pictures. 

Our baptism into Christ incorporates us into the bosom of the Trinity. It makes us participators in the divine life. Every time we make the sign of the Cross, every time we say ‘Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit”, we celebrate their presence within us. To think that we, humble though we are, have been made spiritual temples of God is awesome: to be graced with the Trinity’s presence in us is awesome; to be so loved by God is awesome; to have responsibility for maintaining the temple is awesome. 

May we nourish and safeguard our faith, the light that is our temple’s sanctuary lamp. 


The Other Sacraments


Marriage is a wonderful sign of the fidelity and Love of God as well as the blessings of Our Lord on the union of the joyous couple.  Please contact us in the first instance, allow at least six months to arrange your marriage within the Church.

Anointing of the Sick

Anointing of the Sick is a wonderful way to allow Jesus to come and heal and sooth our illnesses through his presence.  If you or perhaps a relative or friend would like to receive this sacrament, just ask.  You may also like to consider receiving this sacrament if you are troubled, about to undergo serious surgery, or even a minor operation.


Ordination into the Hierarchy of the Priesthood is a wonderful way in which men are called to serve God and his people.  It is a duty of all Christians to pray for vocations and if you feel you are being called do come to discuss it with Father Luke.   See also the Diocesan Website for details about the Vocations Team.

Other Services

Home Communion at Home

If you are sick, housebound or infirm and unable to come to Church on Sunday, then we are able to bring you the comfort and support of Holy Communion in your home.  Don’t hesitate to ask.

Sick Visits

If you are unwell or know someone who is unwell and would like Fr Luke to visit please do contact him, either by phone or email. If you do not let anyone know then it hard to visit you. Please do not assume that Fr Luke knows that someone is sick or wants a visit. 


When a loved one dies it is our duty to honour their body and memory.  We do all we can in our parish to ensure that your funeral service is a dignified, prayerful,  and precious occasion.

As a parish we also undertake Pilgrimages to holy places, courses of prayer or study in Lent and Advent and from time to time parish retreats to help deepen our spiritual lives.

There are many members of our Parish who have attended Cursillo courses and this movement of spiritual renewal and sacramental life has proven to have a great effect within the lives of many.  You may want to use our Links page to find a website on this.